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Anonymous asked:

I hope you don't get hate for that post because it's something that needs to be debated just because it's so controversial. I may not fully agree with pro life but I still want to acknowledge the importance of human life.

I haven’t actually. but thank you. I really wish human life would have more importance than animal life. some animals are defenseless, yes, but all children are defenseless :/


Anonymous asked:

Sometimes an infant may have a deformity that would reduce their quality of life or would cost too much medically for the parents. The biggest problem has to do with the quality of life for the child usually. It's a hard decision to chose a side for.

I do understand that. but at least try to let the child live. that’s how I see it anyways. but I understand everyone has their opinion.


Anonymous asked:

Well its partly because eagles are endangered, the national bird, and have egg deformities biologists are working to conserve them. But the other part is that it's really hard to have a clear yes or no on if abortion is okay because situations vary.

I understand that. but still. to me, in my opinion, it isn’t fair to the child.



I’ll probably get shit for this… but please explain this sick logic to me? how are animals more cherished than human life?

This is a dangerous opinion to have. But I also have it. I can’t justify allowing a child to be murdered. There are some circumstances in which I can UNDERSTAND why a woman would want an abortion. But if you’re just a stupid teenager who had unprotected sex? You should’ve known better

exactly. children don’t get the same treatment as animals do and how is that fair? I understand too why a woman would want an abortion, but I still don’t like it. it’s sad. that child who didn’t ask to be conceived now has to be punished for it because you can’t use protection? now women who didn’t ask to even do it in the first place, I understand where they’re coming from, but I still find it so sad.

does your best friend give you chai when your upset in hopes of helping at least a little cause she’s worried and wants to help? no? well mine does. so I wins. love ya sis❤️ @deaftonepony

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